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Information about this guitar:

This particular model of Defil Baston electric bass was purchased in Cracow from a rock band, which used it as a vintage recording guitar. The guitar was used on a daily basis, and its history is dozen bands in Cracow, where it spent almost all its life.

Information about the production:

Defil Baston electric bass guitar prototype was made in Poland the second quarter of 1974 and a trial series was released in the second quarter of 1975. According to some sources, initially the guitar was to be called Pandan, but eventually production team decided to name it Baston. Baston body was produced using 3 types of wood: alder, birchm or sycamore. Neck was made of maple or beech wood with ebony inlays and fingerboard was usually rosewood or walnut. Neck was reinforced with a metal bar which was to prevent skewing the neck.


  • Head – nice condition.
  • Keys – original, closed. Working very well.
  • Nut – very good condition
  • Neck – nice condition
  • Fretboard – great condition, flat and clean, minimal chips at sides – visible on photos
  • Frets – nice, with little, typical for old instruments signs of wear
  • Body – good condition, typical signs of wear
  • Lacquer – there are some scratches  and chips on the edges and head (visible on photos), but as for the 40yo guitar it is still in nice condition.
  • Electronics – original pickups and wiring.
  • Equipment – guitar lacks knobs, bridge is original, pickups are original but has new surface, pickguard is cracked in two points
  • Addons – new strings



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