Defil Kosmos, Poland, 80’s


Information about this guitar:

The guitar was bought from a man who had received it as a birthday present in 80’s. According to the owner’s words the guitar was barely used and spent almost all the time in a cover. Guitar has signs of wear and some cracks and chips.

Information about the production:

Guitar was produced in 80’s in guitars factory in Lubin, Poland. It was the first Polish V-shaped/Moderne guitar, and probably one of the first in Europe. Great piece of history.

More information about Defil company in English can be found at this site: cheesyguitars.com/defil_lordbizarre.html

You can also read some words about it at: guitarz.blogspot.com/2012/09/defil-kosmos-1980s-polish-take-on.html


  • Head – good condition. It has some laquer crack
  • Keys – original, like new, working very well.
  • Nut – in a excellent condition.
  • Neck – straight, very nice condition.
  • Fretboard – it has one deep crack between 5th and 9th fret – it is visible on photos
  • Frets – like new, little signs of wear
  • Body – original, quite good condition, it has cracks and chips at some at bottom ends (one bottom is well visible on photos; a chip on the second bottom end is very similar),
  • Lacquer – in a good condition, it has some lacquer cracks and chips, but still condition is nice.
  • Electronics – original pickups, original wiring.
  • Equipment – it has all original potentiometers and elements – it is very rare it such condition. Input jack is of old shape and needs little more narrow jack – almost all Defil guitars of that time had this kind of input.
  • Addons – original material cover (looks like new), new strings, and original (looks like newer used) cable jack-5din
  • Documents – original warranty (recipe) and original one page manual

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