SOLD! – Defil Kosmos, Poland, 70’s



Information about this guitar:

The guitar was bought from the family, who inherited it from his grandfather guitarist. He was probably its only owner. Guitar has signs of use, but thanks to storing it in its original bag it still looks very well.

Information about the production:

Guitar was produced in 70’s in guitars factory in Lubin, Poland. It was the first Polish V-shaped/Moderne guitar, and probably one of the first in Europe. Great piece of history.

More information about Defil company in English can be found at this site: cheesyguitars.com/defil_lordbizarre.html

You can also read some words about it at: guitarz.blogspot.com/2012/09/defil-kosmos-1980s-polish-take-on.html


  • Head – good condition. It has some scratches
  • Keys – original, like new. Working well.
  • Nut – in a very good condition.
  • Neck – straight, but lots of lacquer chips at the bottom side.
  • Fretboard – in a very good condition, flat
  • Frets – like new, no deep grooves
  • Body – original, quite good condition, some signs of wear on bottom ends, askew mounted jack input – one additional crew hole
  • Lacquer – in a good condition, like for this model. There are some lacquer cracks and chips, but still condition is nice. The only problem is with lacquer on the bottom of neck..
  • Electronics – original pickups, original wiring – everything works, but quitar plays very quiet – probably some issues with volume potentiometer.
  • Equipment – it has all original potentiometers and elements – it is very rare. Bridge is like new.
  • Addons – original cover and new strings

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