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Information about this guitar:

Guitar is in great condition and it attracts attention even if there are many guitars in the room. Guitar holds nice in hands and may be a great source of really vintage sound.

Information about the production:

Defil Malwa was an electric archtop guitar made in Poland in 80’s. It was one of the most desired guitars in Poland in that time. It was used by many jazz and blues guitarsits, but it has mach wider spectre of sound. “Like many instrument of this vintage Polish company, the Defil Malwa is a strange mix of elegance and crudeness: it has a subtle outline and Framus-like cats-eyes sound holes always look cool (…)”. You can hear and watch some other Defil Malwa here – our model is in very similar condition.


  • Head – very good condition, but it lacks logo.
  • Keys – almost mint, like new, working well.
  • Nut – in a very good shape.
  • Neck – straight, very good contition.
  • Fretboard – no holes or chips, in a very good condition.
  • Frets – good condition
  • Body – original, no chips, full binding
  • Lacquer – in a quite good condition as for 30yo guitar. This is a great rare in this model. Lacquer has some surface cracks (visible on photos), but this is normal for these kind of lacquers. Lacquer still shines.
  • Electronics – original pickups, original wiring.
  • Equipment – it has all original buttons, pickups, and bridge. It lacks one knob.
  • Addons – original leather cover and new strings



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