SOLD! – Defil Orlik 2, Poland, 80’s


Information about this guitar:

This particular model of Defil Orlik 2 electric bass was purchased in a small village in a nothern-west Poland. Its owner was a man who in late 80's was a musician playing during parties and weddings. Guitar spend many years in a basement and restored to life.

Information about the production:

Defil Orlik 2 electric bass was a sister of Defil Malwa electric guitar. These guitars were produced in 60's and were very desired that time. Today it is a vary rare guitar and it is extremely hard to find it in a good condition.


  • Head – has some signs of wear.
  • Keys – original, working, but there is a lot of rust.
  • Nut – usable condition
  • Neck – nice condition, but has some scratches
  • Fretboard – good condition, flat and clean
  • Frets – nice, with little, typical for old instruments signs of wear
  • Body – typical signs of wear of 30 yo guitar
  • Lacquer – there are scratches  and chips on the down edge (visible on photos).
  • Electronics – original pickups and wiring. Guitar doesn't play – it needs some wiring work.
  • Equipment – guitar knobs are original but its pait is wear off, bridge is original, tailpiece is full of rust and needs restoration
  • Addons – used strings



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