SOLD! – Formanta, Belarus, 80’s


Information about this guitar:

This Formanta guitar is in perfect or mint condition. It was in an original lether cover for more than 20 years. We have bought it from a man from a north-east Poland near Belarus border. The owner was given this guitar from his mother-in-law (I know it sounds weird but we were told so). Guitar is like brand new – it looks like it was played few hours. we even have found recipies! This is exrtremaly rare!

This guitar is an extraordinary asset for collectors of unique and very rare guitars. It is almost impossible to find a old-new vintage guitar in this condition.

Information about the production:

Formanta Vintage Electric Guitar from Belarus is a “cool Soviet guitar, produced through the eighties. Bigsby (not original though), three single-coil pickups (what is that special shift of the middle pickup towards the bridge? nobody knows, but at least it looks more like Teisco, not some American guitar), and lots of electronics” read more, source


  • Head – like new
  • Keys – like new, working well
  • Nut – like new
  • Neck – perfect, straight
  • Fretboard – like new
  • Frets – like new, no signs of wear
  • Body – perfect condition, no scratches or chips
  • Lacquer – mint
  • Electronics – perfect condition
  • Equipment – mint, tremolo arm is rather loose – not sure if this is an original condition
  • Addons – original lether gig bag, original manual, 2 sets of original strings with recipies, original new guitar strap, original guitar cable – all in mint condition!

Stay tuned! Soon we will publish videos presenting the guitar.


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