SOLD! – Huttl Opus, Germany, 60’s


Information about this guitar:

The Huttl guitars are well known as high-end archtop instruments from Germany. Huttl Opus is the most wanted model of this brand, and as such it is very rare. The guitar looks beautiful with its pearl neck binding, two color stripes on sides, and very characteristic holes. Not to say about Schaller pickup which sounds like nothing else.

Guitar was bought in Germany and brought back to life and adjusted at the best luthier workshop in Warsaw, Poland. Guitar plays and sounds amazing and the Schaller picuck is absolutely perfect – you can check in the movie below. Unfortunately, we were unable to get information about previous owners.



Information about renovation works:

The main job was frets replacement. Old frets were removed after heating in order to minimize fingerboard damages. Fingerboard was leveled in controlled stress conditions to reduce deformations caused by the years of the strings tension. The new frets – Sintoms EH (extra hard) – were fastened with gluing and micro cut in a controlled stress conditions. The instrument was given new strings – Daddario EXP Phosphor Bronze 12-53. In addition, luthiers serviced keys, set strings action on the bridge with mapping fingerboard radius, and tuned bridge support points. Also, volume and tone correction circuit was renovated, so the electronic sounds perfect.


Information about the production:

“Following World War 2 many displaced instrument makers from Bohemia and Saxony settled in in Bubenreuth, Germany and it became a centre of excellence in string instrument manufacture. One of these makers was Wolfgang Hüttl (1921-1995) who founded the Wolfgang Hüttl brand in 1946. Hüttl’s wife was the daughter of the Klier company owner. The Hüttl company had its own factory employing approximately 50 people, some of whom were home workers. Hüttl produced mainly guitars and basses (and mostly acoustic models but some electrics). In the later years of the company some Hüttl instruments were also imported from Asia. The company ceased trading in 1983.” source: guitar-list.[com]/brands/wolfgang-h-ttl

  • Head – good condition with pearl inlay.
  • Keys – original, working well. very good condition.
  • Nut – very good condition*
  • Neck – very good condition, straight *
  • Fretboard – flat and clean*
  • Frets – new – Sintoms EH (extra hard), size and height chosen especialy for this unit*
  • Body – very nice condition. It has some typical signs of wear.
  • Lacquer – overall condition is very nice although it has some surface scratches which are typical for archtop guitars from 60’s – visible on pictures.
  • Equipment – Schaller equipment* is original, bridge in new*, and tailpiece is original – all in very good condition.
  • Addons – new jazz high quality strings – Daddario EXP Phosphor Bronze 12-53

*- adjusted by professional luthier


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