SOLD! – Jolana Star IV/Futurama II, Czechoslovakia, 60’s



Information about this guitar:

The guitar was owned by Polish BigBit artist Boguslaw Kadelewicz, a member of Tajfuny band. The guitar was in his collection since 1963. The artist recorded most of his material on this guitar, so it has had a colorful history. At that time, in Poland, having a guitar like that was like a dream, so we can be sure that Boguslaw cared for his guitar :)

Information about the production:

Guitar was produced in 60’s in Czechoslovakia.


  • Head – good condition, but it lacks string holder.
  • Keys – original and really beautiful.  Working well
  • Nut – very good condition
  • Neck – straight, very comfortable, typical signs of wear
  • Fretboard – it could be better, it has some bruises, but it is still playable
  • Frets – nice, with little, typical for old instruments signs of wear
  • Body – quite a poor condition, it has some chips and scratches
  • Lacquer – guitar was poorly repainted, the surface in a bad shape, but some might seem it as more vintage
  • Electronics – original, extremely rare pickups, original wiring – guitar is working; one of the potentiometers (the big one) is not original.
  • Equipment – bridge and pickguard are original, but knobs and jack input are not.
  • Addons – new strings, original tremolo



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Star IV, Futurama II

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