SOLD! – Kavkaz Bas, USSR, 70’s



Information about this guitar:

Guitar was bought in Ukraine from a man who was the first owner of the guitar. He owned this guitar for last decades and used it mainly at home – he was a domestic player.

Information about the production:

Guitar was produced in 70's in USSR. Guitar was produced in Rostov-on-Don factory. You can learn more about this instrument here: http://cheesyguitars.com/kavkaz_repair.html.


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys – original, great condition, working well.
  • Nut – broken E string element – visible on photos
  • Neck – very good condition
  • Fretboard – good condition. flat and clean
  • Frets – nice, with typical for old instruments signs of wear
  • Body – very good, almost excellent condition, some typical signs of wear, but it is obvious that its owner was taking great care of it
  • Lacquer – there are small, minor scratches on the edges and back, but overall condition is almost perfect.
  • Electronics – original pickups – everything works well. It lacks pickup switch. The previous owner decided to remove broken switch and changed wiring so everything could work well.
  • Equipment – all elements (knobs, bridge, input, etc.) are original and in good condition. It lacks one knob and one strap holder.
  • Addons – new strings.

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