Lviv (Lvov) Bass, Ukraine, 70’s


Information about this guitar:

This is an extremaly rare soviet guitar! Finding this guitar in such a shape is like miracle. Guitar was find in a resale shop in a small town in a subcarpatian area in Poland. From the first sight it was sure that its owner was taking care of it. The shop owner just told us that it was brought by a young man whose grandfather was a musician and gave him this guitar. Unfortunately, we were unable to get more information.

Information about the production:

“Lvov experimental factory of folk musical instruments produced semihollow guitar and bass models since the 70’s. The bass had a long scale – 840mm – which was the longest scale among the Soviet basses (Rostov, Maria = 760mm, Bas and Bas2 = 805mm), which is actually the scale that Leo Fender found to be the best for his designs and which became the standard string length ever since.” source


  • Head – good condition.
  • Keys – original (very rare!), working well. One key has damaged gear – a few teeth are crushed. It is still possible to tune the string but you have to start wind the string in right place.
  • Nut – good condition
  • Neck – very good condition
  • Fretboard – flat and clean
  • Frets – nice, typical for old instruments signs of wear
  • Body – very nice condition, what is very rare for this model. It has some typical signs of wear and its only problem is lacquer scratches on bottom edge.
  • Lacquer – overal condition is nice although it has surface scratches which are typical for archtop guitars from 70’s. The only drawback are scratches on the bottom edge – visible on pictures.
  • Electronics – original pickups, original wiring.
  • Equipment – all elements (knobs, bridge, tailpiece, etc.) are original and in mint condition.
  • Addons – new strings, original green leather cover



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