SOLD! – Ural 510L, USSR, 80’s


Information about this guitar:

Guitar was bought from a woman who inherited it from his father, who was the first owner of the guitar. The last dozen years it lay in the closet in the original bag which allowed it to maintain excellent condition. The guitar was used only in house the woman said that her father was a domestic player.

Information about the production:

Guitar was produced in 80's in USSR. You can learn more about this instrument here: meatexz.com/cheesyguitars/ural_bass.html.


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys – original, closed, like new. Working well.
  • Nut – very good condition
  • Neck – slightly skewed
  • Fretboard – in excellent condition. flat and clean
  • Frets – nice, with little, typical for old instruments signs of wear
  • Body – Very nice condition, some typical signs of wear, but it is obvious that its owner was taking care
  • Lacquer – there are some scratches on the edges and back, but these are more visible on pictures then in real life.
  • Electronics – original pickups, original wiring – everything works like new.
  • Equipment – all elements (knobs, bridge, 5din input, etc.) are original and in mint condition.
  • Addons – new strings, original cover, DIN5 male -> 6,3 mm\1/4″ jack female adapter

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