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SOLD! – Ural Tonika EGS-650, USSR, 60’s


Information about this guitar:

The guitar is a great material for renovation. It has all original parts that only need some time and patience. Most of elements are in a great condition, even though it has almost 60 years. Guitar was working but during cleaning process two wirings were cut – it will be very easy to reconnect them. We would recommend this guitar for all collectors with some luthier’s passion – you will not find anything like that!

Information about the production:

“Tonika was the first electric guitar made in USSR, and it was the first experience of Soviet luthiers. In end of the 60's (most probably 1969), when this guitar was made, not too many Soviet citizens were allowed to go abroad, and probably noone of the Tonika creators had any experience in electric guitar building.” You can read more about this amazing guitar here: cheesyguitars.com/tonika_egs650.html


  • Head – good condition, but a fancy element on a top is in bad shape.
  • Keys – original and very heavy, but need new cogwheels
  • Nut – playable
  • Neck – straight, quite comfortable, typical signs of wear, little surface scratches
  • Fretboard – it has some deep bruises between frets, e.g. 1-3,
  • Frets – nice jumbo frets, but rather flat; some has deep grooves
  • Body – quite nice condition, it has no chips; the only issue is a hole, which years ago was working as a jack input
  • Lacquer – it is really in a quite well condition; of course it has visible cracks scratches, but these are only on surface and can be strongly reduced with right tools
  • Electronics – original, extremely rare, working pickups, original wiring, guitar is not working just because it has no jack input and some wirings are cut; it has one of the most amazing potentiometers we have ever seen (under the pickguard ).
  • Equipment – bridge tremolo mechanism needs new bearings, pickguard and knobs are original!
  • Addons – original old fashion guitar bag!



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Tonika EGS-650

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